How To Sell Bitcoins

How To Sell Bitcoins

What is Bitcoin? Some would say it’s a restriction-free mode of payment. Some would also say it’s a viable investment instrument. However, all of these are unbelievably true. Bitcoin’s success and popularity is due to the positive receptions users give to its transactional properties. This includes peer-to-peer electronic transactions, anonymity, speed, and security. By this reason, people who are crypto-aware also look for ways on how to sell bitcoins.

The growing number of people who want to use Bitcoin is driven by the fact that cryptocurrencies are incredibly diverse. You can use bitcoins to bet online, purchases, and even use it as an investment instrument. There are no existing fiat currencies today that can do all these seamlessly without requiring multiple requirements and verification. This resulted in people needing to exchange their fiat currencies for bitcoins and in time, started learning the ropes around how to sell bitcoins.

Person-to-Person Transactions – Meeting other users who want to buy the bitcoins you’re selling is the fastest way . We advise you to sell your investments to people you personally know or those who have good reputation in the cryptocurrency circle. If you find a good deal, just meet the buyer in a safe location and continue on with the transaction. Ask for the wallet address you have to send the bitcoins to. Receive the agreed amount in cash or the selected payment method. Wait for the transaction to finish, which should only take a few moments of your time.

Special Bitcoin ATM machines – Similar to buying bitcoins, Special ATM machines also offer the best and fastest way possible if you want to immediately sell your bitcoins. This is, however, not the most convenient as not all areas have Special Bitcoin ATM machines and some of them only accept Bitcoin-buying. Find a machine near you through a Bitcoin Map/Radar online and see if it has a bi-directional functionality. If you successfully find one, register, fill out the necessary details. This typically includes your Bitcoin Wallet address and confirming the transaction using your smartphone or other devices.

Bitcoin Exchange Sites – If you’re still not convinced of person-to-person transactions and special Bitcoin ATMs, Bitcoin-exchange sites or apps are the best methods for you. It is, by far, the most useful and progressive way we have on our list of how to sell bitcoins. These are digital marketplaces and platforms that allow buying and selling of bitcoins. All you have to do is make an account, find a buyer, and make a deal.