NHL Round-Robin Standings; Flyers, Knights As Top Seeds

NHL Round-Robin Standings; Flyers, Knights As Top Seeds

The Stanley Cup Playoffs just started in the hub cities of Edmonton and Toronto. After two days worth of matches, the NHL round-robin schedule concluded the final standings of teams from the two conferences.

The top four teams in the regular season of the Eastern and Western Conferences played a three-game round-robin to determine the seeding in the first round. The eight winners in the BO5 qualifying rounds advanced to the First Round, while the losing teams entered Phase 2 of the NHL Draft Lottery.

The Philadelphia Flyers and Golden Knights held onto their undefeated streak through three games. As a result, both teams bagged the top seeds in their respective conferences. Here are the final round-robin standings of all teams based on the first-round matchups:


Final standings

Philadelphia Flyers (3-0-0, 6 points)
Tampa Bay Lightning (2-1-0, 4 points)
Washington Capitals (1-1-1, 3 points)
Boston Bruins (0-3-0, 0 points)

Sunday, Aug. 2: Flyers 4, Bruins 1 (recap)
Monday, Aug. 3: Lightning 3, Capitals 2 (SO) (recap)
Wednesday, Aug. 5: Lightning 3, Bruins 2 (recap)
Thursday, Aug. 6: Flyers 3, Capitals 1 (recap)
Saturday, Aug. 8: Flyers 4, Lightning 1 (recap)
Sunday, Aug. 9: Capitals 2, Bruins 1 (recap)

First Round matchups
• Flyers vs Canadiens
• Capitals vs Islanders
• Bruins vs Hurricanes
• Lightning vs Blue Jackets


Final standings

Vegas Golden Knights (3-0-0, 6 points)
Colorado Avalanche (2-1-0, 4 points)
Dallas Stars (1-2-0, 2 points)
St. Louis Blues (0-2-1, 1 point)

Sunday, Aug. 2: Avalanche 2, Blues 1 (recap)
Monday, Aug. 3: Golden Knights 4, Stars 3 (recap)
Wednesday, Aug. 5: Avalanche 4, Stars 0
Thursday, Aug. 6: Golden Knights 6, Blues 4 (recap)
Saturday, Aug. 8: Golden Knights 4, Avalanche 3 (OT) (recap)
Sunday, Aug. 9: Stars 2, Blues 1 (SO)

First Round matchups

  • Golden Knights vs Blackhawks
  • Avalanche vs Coyotes
  • Stars vs Flames
  • Blues vs Canucks

The season is set to crown its winner on October 4. For upcoming matches, the full schedule for exhibition games and the 2020 Stanley Cup Qualifiers is available at NHL.com/schedule.