It is understandable for a bettor to experience difficulty in choosing which team will win the match, which player can give the best performance, or how many goals a team can win by. Like a spider web, there are many possible outcomes in this realm. As part of our NHL betting guide, we help you weigh your options and place multiple bets through Parlays. Sooner or later and when done right, this type of bet could be the ace up your sleeve.


Parlays are a combination of multiple bets placed in one, single wager. While a standard bet placed on NHL markets is generally done through the money lines, puck lines, and the Grand Salami, you can also place your money on a regular hockey parlay betting. All the different types of bet included in one Parlay are required to win in order for you to get the entire winnings. The odds are calculated to pay the bettor proportionally should he or she win all the markets selected. The more games selected, the higher the probable payout will be.

As the game progresses, parlay bettors can turn the system into “accumulators”—another term for Parlays. You can double or triple your winnings by building a “pyramid” system with your initial Parlays as the foundation. One popular combination that parlay betting beginners can do is to combine 8 games into an 8 leg parlay. You’ll have a bigger payout by including all the 5 leg combinations you can possibly get in your 8 selections.


Parlay betting may be the most exciting and exotic type of NHL bet, but it is also the riskiest. During NHL season, bookmakers encourage everyone to place bets through Parlays because multiple odds multiply their profit margin. It would only be beneficial to both parties if you can consistently win all the selections you placed—which is nearly impossible if you’ll be playing for the entire NHL season.

Parlay bettors have a winning percentage of 55-56% in every market. It’s either winning or losing, there’s no alternative. Therefore, it is advisable to only do single bets instead of parlays if you’re just a beginner. Novice and seasoned gamblers are welcome to try parlay betting as long as they already have an effective betting system.

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