NHL Betting Rules

NHL Betting Rules

Not everyone knows this, but there are always unwritten or unspoken rules in every NHL betting market. Sometimes, you can find online all sorts of NHL betting tips and systems. Though helpful, not all systems can give you the complete image of publicly agreed principles, criteria, and conducts governing ice hockey. Know what things you need to adhere to in order for your bets to be deemed valid across various NHL betting rules. Make each bet count and always have our NHL betting guide pages ready.

The National Hockey League is a professional ice hockey league in North America. It is comprised of 31 teams (24 in the United States and 7 in Canada). From October to April, 82 games are conducted for the regular season to determine the winner of the Stanley Cup. With this standard, it is important to differentiate NHL betting rules from other hockey games such as ball hockey, floor hockey, and floorball. But if you bet on other ice hockey games, these NHL betting rules can more likely serve its purpose:

Official Game

The team on the left plays the home side, while the team on the right plays the away side if the event is on neutral ground. For betting purposes, games are official after 55 minutes of play unless there is an interruption of any sort. Teams must play for the bets to be in action, all wagers and leagues included.

Bookmakers offer markets for regular time (result at end of the 3rd Period) and for the overall match result for Overtime and Shootout. Bets are settled according to the result given by the official governing body at the end of the match. If there is no consistent and independent evidence or when there is a conflicting evidence, all bets are settled based on the bookmakers’ own statistics.

Overtime and Shootout

Overtime (including any follow-up shootout) counts for all betting markets unless the sportsbook doesn’t allow it for a specific NHL bet type. Some bets and markets that do not include overtime evaluation are handicap betting, 3-way bet, period markets, and 65-minute markets. Team to Score the xth goal and 1st team to score include overtime but do not include shootouts.

Postponed and Abandoned Matches

Many sportsbooks follow the rule that if a match is abandoned, postponed, or redirected to another venue, all bets are void and will be refunded. However, some bookmakers continue the betting selection if the abandoned game will also continue in the same day.

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