NHL Betting Exchange

.NHL Betting Exchange

Our NHL betting guide encourages bettors to try fresh ideas and strategies that can get you out of your comfort zone. One best example of which is the NHL betting exchange. It showcases a new method of betting where you can wager place limitless wagers on different markets.

Standard sportsbooks only allow you to bet against the house edge. However, an NHL betting exchange site offers you two roles you’ll surely enjoy when the season kicks off: Backing and Laying. Backing means placing a bet that an event or outcome is going happen (the role of a bettor). Laying, on the other hand, is placing a bet that an event or outcome is not going to happen (the role of the bookmaker). Lay bets have different terms and conditions compared to back bets because here you play the bookmaker or banker role. If you lay a bet but you happen to lose the match, you’ll be the one paying the backer you challenged.

Apart from that, you also have unlimited choices. Bet against other bettors without the inclusion of a bookmaker. The NHL betting exchange will only act as an intermediary to organize your bets and will only comply with following functions:

  • To arrange the market and selections for betting.
  • To select and pair up the backers and layers.
  • To exhibit the unmatched bets.
  • To keep backers and layers’ money before the result.
  • To hand over the winner’s payout with the losers money
    (while taking a 2% – 4% commission from the winner’s profit).


As you have finally seen the function of an NHL betting exchange, it is crystal clear that exchanges have penetrated the industry as more and more bettors realize its unique advantages. You are not limited to the odds set by the bookmaker. You can play the roles of a bettor or a bookmaker whenever you want to. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the bookmaker’s profit margin since exchange sites only have a small commission. They have a 2% commission (equivalent to 1% sportsbook overround) in every market, and you are not required pay the commission if you make a net loss on a market.

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