NHL Bet Types

NHL Bet Types

For bettors more than familiar with the NHL betting markets, they are more likely starting to get bored with straightforward bets paying out the same amount of money over and over again. As we always say in our NHL betting guide, understand the ins and outs of sports betting while understanding all the present opportunities is an important step to success. You wouldn’t know the true meaning of fun if you haven’t tried other NHL bet types available.

A number of NHL bet types offered by most bookmakers contains a list of traditional and exotic bets beginners and novice gamblers can try, and the most popular ones for ice hockey markets are:

MONEY LINE BET – This is the most popular NHL bet type for beginners. It can be considered as straightforward bet, yes. However, it does not always pay the same amount of money for each team. Bettors pick the team who they think will win the game. With that, also keep in mind that sportsbooks payout less money for the favored team and bigger money for the underdog.

PUCK LINE BET – A betting term similar to handicap betting. You bet on a team that could win by more than 1.5 goals, or lose by less than 1.5 goals. For the winning team, it does not matter how many goals they win. This means if you bet on the underdog, they must not lose by 2 or more goals. And for bets on the favorites, the team must win by at least 2 goals.

TOTALS OVER/UNDER BET – You bet on whether or not the total number of goals scored by the home and away team would be greater than or less than the given number by the sportsbook. Other sports allow the changing of odds and payouts at the same time. But, NHL markets always follow 5.5 goals and line changes.

PROPOSITION BET – One of the most exotic NHL bet types. This could be any type of wager except betting on the outcome of the game. You can have a combination of bets that involve team statistics, first and last team to score, and player’s performance. If you’re into the smaller details of the sport, proposition bets might just bring you the winning bets.

FIRST PERIOD BETTING – A bet based on the first 20 minutes of play only. It could be a money line bet or puck line bet as long as it follows the first period time.

FUTURES BET FOR TOURNAMENT/SEASON WINNER – This is perfect for avid fans of the game who tracks the team and players’ performances all throughout the season. You bet on the overall winner of a season or tournament.

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