High Roller NHL Betting

High Roller NHL Betting

NHL betting is an amenity for high rollers. The number of games it offers can excite almost anyone who’s into betting large amounts of money on their favorite teams. There is nothing more satisfying than winning an outcome triple the initial amount of bet. With that, our NHL betting guide will show you how to win millions by taking the high road: high roller NHL betting.

The term high rollers actually originated in casinos. These players are referred to as “whales” because they consistently wager large amounts of money. But as time goes by and as sports became a viable source of winnings, high roller NHL betting was adopted by the Bitcoin sportsbook circle.

High rollers gamble lavishly and consistently once the season begins. Some wager amounts from $10,000 to $1,000,000 every match. The interesting part is that they are not just after the larger pot of money. They also do this for the special treatment bookmakers offer them.


Many bookmakers welcome high roller NHL betting like VIPs. These bettors are expected to wager more than the average bettor. In return, bookmakers are obliged to give them more than what’s necessary—a special treatment exclusively for them. Their loyalty as high rollers is paid with incentives, conditions, and big promotions such as:

Lenient Betting Rules – High roller bettors follow looser terms and conditions. NHL betting rules involving the official game, overtime and shootout scoring, and postponed or abandoned matches are more likely to be part of your exemption if you participate in high roller betting.

No Betting Limits – Aside from lenient betting rules, a high roller can experience betting with no limits. Since bettors place significant amounts on the line, it is expected that there should be no limitations imposed for any type of event. Your biggest advantage as a high roller is that you can bet against lower house edges.

Special Customer Service Support – To accommodate high rollers faster and without hassle, bookmakers assign a special customer service support representative for each high roller.

Faster Deposits and Withdrawals – If you’re a high roller using bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, expect faster deposits and withdrawals despite how large your bets are. These transactions are already free and all you have to do is wait for seconds or minutes.

VIP Bonuses and Promotions – As a high roller, you have the right to receive lavish and luxurious gifts. You have free passes for special NHL events, hotel and travel accommodations, special merchandises, free NHL bets, and more.

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