MacLellan Shares NHL’s Vision For The Season Continuation

MacLellan Shares NHL's Vision For The Season Continuation

Following the suspension announcements of other sports leagues, the NHL initially suspended its season for two weeks. However, with the future still uncertain, the league might have to make a new timetable. Players, fans, and even NHL members now discuss the possible events we can expect when the season resumes.

Expressing the majority of opinions of ice hockey fans and players around the world, Washington Capitals general manager Brian MacLellan laid down the possible alternatives and safety measures the NHL is considering to conclude the entire season. MacLellan has been working closely with the members of the NHL organization, and here’s what he has to say:

Number Of Games

MacLellan voiced his approval of the balanced home-away format: “Fair to me would be all teams play the same number of games, both home and away, so depending on the time you have when we come back or if we come back, you could set the schedule at 72, 74 games, close to possible of home and away if you could even those out and then kind of go from there after that.”

However, MacLellan also recognized that the format may affect the quality of play in the playoffs. Some players may not be ready to play high-intensity hockey in a short amount of time.

Schedule of Games

As the NHL initially planned to only suspend the season for two weeks, MacLellan confirmed that the league is always ready to come back when the time comes⁠—when the country finds a solution to the pandemic. The NHL organization is hoping to award the Stanley Cup this year to not disrupt the next season. This gives the Bitcoin NHL betting circle more hope as they can look forward to more hockey action in the coming weeks, if not months.

“I think depending on how the country, the world handles the virus, I think there is a possibility of playing the end of June, July, August. I think the league is prepared, they’ve asked for building dates in August so I’m assuming it’s a serious consideration on their part, ” MacLellan said.

Safety Measures

Focusing on Washington Capitals, MacLellan added that on their part, the organization is taking every precaution to protect its players and to expedite the possible return of the season.

“We’ve talked about that scenario taking place where we get on the other side of the virus curve and there are beginnings of you can have small groups…Could we structure something at [Medstar Capitals Iceplex] where we’re bringing in three, four guys at a time? How do we handle sanitizing the training room, the equipment room? We’ve gone through these scenarios to be prepared if that becomes the case,” MacLellan concluded.